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04-05-2007, 04:25 PM
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there is no doubt that the goalies skills should be well rounded. When you consider us "aged" goalies, the old body aint what it used to be. One of the key failures of the half butterfly is not getting the knee fully down. Many will perform full drops and bfly slides in one direction but half to the other. Its natural for a goalie to favor a "control" side. My youngest has great lateral right side movement from down in a full Bfly but has major issue with the left. The brain isnt grasping the weight shift needing to be opposite. Over all, a balance issue so, he uses the half more until he can get it more game usable.

On the plus side, it puts much less total stress on the body. Being able to over square the hips into the half fly (as pictured above) is a HUGE stress reduction by comparison. The move makes recovery MUCH faster and if remembering to use the back side leg concept, makes the goalie more mobile. The technique plays very well into the skill set of a hybrid goalie.

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