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Early Works

Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
You're really stretching here, even by your standards. The suggestion that the physical component of chess is anywhere close to being as important as the physical aspect of hockey is, to be blunt, laughable. It's not even in the same universe.

Incorrect. Guay is trying to define how hockey is different than earlier traditional British games, which he does not wish to call sports. Part of me suspects he does this in order to be able to declare Montreal to be the "birthplace" of hockey. You do not use a term like birthplace is you are not trying to make a strong distinction.
Suggest reading Guay earlier works from the 1964 - 1974 period which examine physical education in Québec elementary and secondary schools as well as physical activity in the population. List is found six pages into the book, opposite thethe dedication to Gaston Marcotte.

Also suggest reading accounts from various Anglican and Catholic sources in Canada and Britain that touch upon the relationship between the academic(intellectual) and the physical(recreational).

Guay's book presently under discussion is the continuation of this inquiry into physical activity and how it became startified with sport at the top of the pyramid, yet requiring the support of contributing games and related physical activities.

Guay does not have any interest in declaring Montréal the birthplace of hockey, rather, he is examining the various claims to this effect - Sutherland and others in the light of Montréal.

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