Thread: Confirmed with Link: MDZ not given a QO - Now a UFA
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07-08-2014, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by gopreds19 View Post
If this was only his first bad trade or contractual f-up, I'd see your point. I see it more as emblematic of his overall poor performance.
Maybe so, but its not like we can do anything about it. We all know the owners have Poile on the hot seat, so at some point his teams are either going to have to put up or shut up.

TBH the every day *****ing about Poile gets old. Yes he has screwed up, yes there is nothing wrong with pointing that out when its done. What gets freaking old is when the only comments made are about him stinking it up.

You, I, nor the President can do a dang thing about it, thats the owners call. Horse is dead, beaten, drug down the street, beaten again, and then used for a pinata.

We got it.

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