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02-17-2004, 05:23 PM
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Just watching ESPN and they had Media surrounding Steinbrenner in his car. It was funny. He also said he respects Maddux but that they've had no contact with him.

Biggest word for the Yankees this year. HEALTH If they stay relatively healthy, this team is gonna win and win alot. Awesome lineup and really, a scary pitching staff if you look at it. Any huge injuries will also probably be met with another huge trade no doubt.

OH these Redsox fans up here in Bawston....So silly. Man are they thinking up every excuse in the book right now.

BTW. Happiest Man in New York right now? Donnie Baseball. His new hitting coaching gig just got alot easier. No doubt that Soriano and Boone would have been his biggest projects this season and he won't have to worry about either of em.....well is Boone officially done for the season yet???? I know that he was suppose to have sugery but all that news got pushed aside once A-Rod came up. If he is able to come back then the Yanks just got a 2nd baseman (used to play there right?) late in the season that, even with his faults, can put up great numbers from the 9 spot.

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