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07-10-2014, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by PS12 View Post
I was bulldozed. My teammates said he came in full speed and didnt hesitate.

I never get upset. If we get the call great if not i just keep playing.

I understand incidental contact happens but this was not the case. Hockey is still a contact sport but yeah. It was a cheap shot.

The guy who hit me is a good skater and was not out of control.

Like i said. Stuff like that happens a lot to me.

The team we played usually beats us and we were ahead all game. So maybe frustration. Its summer league.

My motto is always play the puck.
You need a goon on your team. Not someone that will drop the gloves and chase the guy around the ice, but someone that will introduce themselves first and then if the behaviour is repeated, at the appropriate time and opportunity will absolutely rock the guy, with interest. All's fair in love, war and even beer league if someone else wants to start something or go around cheap shotting people.

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