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07-11-2014, 02:03 PM
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I've only been playing hockey since last Fall. I play in two non-checking leagues. I've learned that non-checking is far from no-contact and despite being one of the smaller players I'm fine with it. There are only two times when someone has hit me that I have stayed mad. Both situations involved people running me over when I think, based on their skating ability, they had time to stop or at least slow down. In one case a collision was unavoidable, but I think that while I was hitting the breaks, the other guy was taking an extra stride and dipping a shoulder. Neither person was called for a penalty.

Both guys are great off-ice and I don't feel any personal animosity towards them. Yet, I admit that I did intentionally lay a hit on one of them in a later game to sort of "even the score". I was careful to play the puck but also went out of my way to set it up so that I could hit him. I don't mean to give the impression this was some kind of big NHL hit, it wasn't close to that. It was just enough to knock him off his skates, separate him from the puck and send him sliding. I was not called for a penalty and he didn't show any sign of thinking it was a bad play.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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