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Originally Posted by AD1066 View Post
I thought of another one, although minor:

I play in a weekly pick-up skate that's been going on for a few years now. Mix of skill levels ranging from one or two Junior A (Tier III) guys to guys in their 40s and 50s just looking to have fun. Some father-son combos out there. Everyone is respectful for the most part and there's never any fighting or problems.

The one think that irks me however is the team composition. Every week the organizer of the skate assigns jersey colors while we're getting dressed. He plays white every week, and his team is almost always better than the black team. Sometimes it's only a slight difference, other nights it seems like black is on the penalty kill.

Most of us have played together for years, so there's no real excuse for not knowing how good certain players are or which team is likely to outperform the other. It's immediately evident during warm-ups how the night is going to play out.

He's not a super competitive guy and just seems to be out there to genuinely have fun, which makes it more inexplicable in a way. But whether it's intentional or subconscious, it can be frustrating some nights trying to break the cycle of three or four very good high school players while both your defensemen on the ice are on the wrong side of 50.

It's not losing that bothers me as much as just the unbalanced nature of play, for example spending an entire shift feeling helpless on the wing while your team can't execute a simple breakout. I don't care if I "lose" a pick-up skate when it's all said and done, as long as there's some good back and forth trading of chances and a decent amount of time in the opposition's zone.
When he assigns jerseys on the locker room, if they are unbalanced nicely ask him to redo the teams

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