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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I have no qualms if he has to play with the Phantoms for a year. I think the AHL often gets slagged when in fact it's the perfect place for young players to play to learn the pro game. Now, unless your name is Crosby or Ovechkin or Heatley or Kovalchuk, spending a year down there can sometimes be a God send. Getting 20+ minutes a night to round out your game in the AHL seems to be much more advantageous than only getting 7 to 10 minutes a game in the NHL, especially if you lose ice time to guys named Nedved, Brashear, and Savage (come on man, you know I had to take that
right, and with the salary cap it's much more of a puzzle piece situation... i don't really envision Giroux as anything below a 2nd liner and really being all that effective. thus, he's one of those guys that prolly should go down and tear the AHL a new one for a year and come up in the event of injuries midway through, or something along those lines.

he'll also probably be arriving with no. 1 pick this year (also a wing most likely) showing up as well, which will make it very tight at forward that season... with Knuble, Kapanen, and my theoretical 2nd line wing all coming off the books the year after. ideally i think Knuble can probably sign another contract and be a very good guy on the Richards' wing on the third line... allowing no. 1 pick this year to slide onto the wing with Gagne and UFA Center... meh, deal with those bridges when we get there.

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