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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
I read your post with interest. The sentence above jumped out at me.

You really believe that?

I promise you that NHL GMs assemble teams with the explicit objective of winning. Not with the popular opinion of fans in mind.

Now, winning and garnering fan support are not mutually exclusive. But rest assured that no GM is going to make personnel decisions based on fan-tested polls or "crowdsourced" recommendations. Nor should he. "Good PR" may play a small part in a decision, but it is very low on the list.
Well at the end of the day I believe a team is built to provide the most success possible. When teams are successful generally the fans support them. While I don't believe you should poll a fanbase on who they should bring in, you certainly shouldn't alienate them like Holland has done. But I agree GM's shouldn't base opinions on fan polls etc, however a GM shouldn't also cave to his subordinates at the determent of the team.

I'm sure most of it is venting, but a lot of people online have been stating they will not be renewing season tickets this year because of the moves. At the end of the day the NHL is a business, if you do not provide what your customer base wants, you will lose your customers.

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