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07-13-2014, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Murr11 View Post
True. I found the APX for $80 didn't want to pass it up for that price.

Why do you think curve is important, and what do I look for. The Apx is a Backstrom and the 4.0 is Kane. I was trying to make sure the curves were different to see which worked better for him.
The curve is really important for him because he's learning how to shoot, and each curve affects your shot in a certain way. When I started playing hockey, I used a Backstrom curve, because it's more open and makes it easier to shoot high.
Shooting high at his age is important to score goals. 9 years old goalies are really short. When standing up, their head is barely over the crossbar, making it easy to score on high shots, especially when they drop to their knees.
I remember my first goal ever. I was 10, got a penalty shot. Goalie went to his knees, I flicked the puck up in the air, it sailed over his head and just under the bar.

The Kane curve makes it really difficult to roof the puck at close range, because it's a closed, shallow curve. It's better for experienced players who like to stickhandle through traffic, and to put a lot of power on their wrist shots and backhanders.

I think all beginners should start with a Backstrom curve, since it's the easiest to use IMO.

Give him his APX, and see if he likes it.

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