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Originally Posted by AD1066 View Post
Yeah, I've brought it up before and so have a few other guys. He'll swap one or two inconsequential players or give us one extra player so we can somehow "wear down the other team". As if giving us one more 40 year old on the bench is going to tire out a bunch of 21-24 year olds.

It doesn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things, but some shifts are definitely frustrating when you spend the entire time in the defensive zone. Just disappointing really after a few minutes on the bench, you finally get out there and it's effectively a penalty kill.

Also the frustration is compounded by the fact that several of the older attendees demand to play defense every shift, and if you're already out there playing defense, they'll come out and demand that you go play forward. Then you get to watch as a winger as they get burned repeatedly. I understand it's easier on them, but it's also my natural position.
That's just stupid of him. Sucks that you and the others have to deal with that.

I play on teams that vary in talent, and we often mix the groups at our private practices/scrimmages so we can all get some competitive playing time. Since I know everyone, I do well at splitting up teams so all is fair. Once in a while the less talented guys want a real challenge so they have me team up w/the more talented guys and we put the screws to 'em. Sometimes we have a couple plugs with us, and if we trade them over and play short-handed then that only helps us as we have less to worry about and more ice to skate on. Kinda the same point you brought up where changing 1-2 guys doesn't help AT ALL and may as well be a slap in the face at appearing to care about the people you're playing with. For us, whenever we have a couple of the best guys playing, we like to round out their team w/the worst of whose left. Then they can even out while the good players try to set up the others for some goals all night.

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