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Originally Posted by negipai98 View Post
Hi. New to the boards here and was hoping for some guidance regarding the season ticket process. I put a deposit down earlier this year and today got a call from my rep saying tickets are now on sale. I realize they don't have a ton of inventory, but the seats I'm being offered are ridiculous (like $315 per game). My goal is to get into the 200s and I'll deal with paying like $140 for corner seats in the lower bowl for now, but have no interest in what they are offering. So my questions boil down to this:

1) Do you think that this is a sales game and they'll ultimately come back with something in the lower corners, or is that really all they have?

2) I keep getting told to buy more expensive seats now and then downgrade later. How easy is it to move upstairs in subsequent years? Obviously if the team tanks, its easier and if they do well, harder, but in general how is the process?

Any insight you have into their sales and relocation processes would be great. The deposit holds for two years, so I may just take a pass this year and try again next year, but would love to know more so as to be able to make an informed decision.

1) Those that had access to the relocation map would have a better idea but there's gotta be something in the lower end/corner. Rangers had a great year but I can't see how they sold all of those when there were a decent amount available last year.

2) Depends where you're looking in the upper bowl. They finally allowed downgrades in the relocation process this year but by the time they got to the newer subscribers, almost nothing was left in the upper bowl. Again, this is coming off the best year they had in 20 seasons though. At the very least, you should be able to relocate into the row 1 gallery seats in the upper bowl which are priced similarly to the lower corners.

My advice is try to get a half season plan if you can't get what you're looking for with full seasons. You may be able to get 200's that way or corner/end 100's. Plus you're guaranteed half playoff rights (maybe even full if your rep works with you) while getting your foot in the door for seasons.

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