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04-07-2007, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
But Callahan was our best forward in the 1st period.
I do not disagree with that. I just was pointing out that the rolling of 4 lines often disappears in the 3rd period when the team is down by a goal. Mind you that I do not mean that playing your players who are doing well disappears. Just the rolling part.
but the fact remains that Renney habitually ignores his "lesser" players late in games.
It's not the "lesser" players that he ignores per se, just the younger ones.
In this same vein, Renney didn't roll 4 lines in the 1st half of the season and I think that was a big factor in our poor start. People will say that our lineup wasn't complete yet, but I recall the Anaheim and San Jose games where Renney was forced to roll 4 because of the compressed schedule on the road trip. Those were our 2 best games of the the year before the All-Star break. Why did he get away from a good thing? Why does he always get away from the good things?
I do not disagree with that. He made every effort of running the older veterans into the ground and only began making changes when he was forced to do so.
And like BigE pointed out, the Fire Renney threads were premature but I still think these Renney's The Man threads are just as premature.
Agreed here as well. However, I think that most of the usual cast of vets around here did not joing the mob when the "Hang Renney" threads littered the board, just like it is a tad early to annoit him as the second coming of Bowman.

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