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07-15-2014, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by MattGTI View Post
I used to play in a pickup that was run the same way. The guy organizing it did a great job of ensuring 20 guys, and two goalies were there for the 2+ hour skate every week. He was an extremely nice guy, everyone there got along for the most part, and as it was a lot of fun for a few months.

Then, instead of switching teams up every week, certain guys would only play with certain other guys, one goalie was a lot better than the other(so certain guys flocked to that side), the guy running it was always on the dominant team, and so on and so forth. It was becoming very lopsided, teams were never changing, and a lot of the fun for many of the guys was taken out of it(on both sides). A lot of guys dropped off, and last I heard the skate wasn't happening anymore.

I found a better skate, with all the same things that were good about the first, only there are different teams each week. Its solid. I can't make it out there too often(I have 2 league games a week, and with a 10 month old son, I honestly don't need/want to be out more than two nights a week). So all hope isn't lost. There are still guys that want to have a good, clean, uptempo, fair skate, out there.
Glad to hear you found a better skate.

I guess I just can't imagine grown men acting like this, well actually I can, but it still surprises me. Anytime we play pick up, where we rent the ice and are in control of the teams, we always try to make it fair. Sometimes it does not work out and during the game one of the better players will switch jerseys to open things up. I am always open to switching to the worse team if I think it will even the field and so is everyone else I play with. Also if we asked someone to move saying no would not really be an option.

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