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Originally Posted by The Tikkanen View Post
I got called for delay of game for standing behind my net as a defense men and not moving the puck for 3 seconds. It was while playing roller, my team would run a re group and with no offsides that can take awhile. I've never seen it called since, never heard of it, never seen it called in the NHL. The ref said if you stand by the puck and don't move it he can call delay of game.

That is absurd. I'm not much into roller hockey but I've played and reffed ice hockey at decent levels. I've only called/seen delay of game called due to either causing a stoppage or prolonging one without reason. Similar to that 1-3-1 Flyers/Lightning debacle, no reason the other team couldn't play the puck there. Bobby Orr used to do it to call penalties and never got called.

Originally Posted by intangible View Post
I play on a team who has scored over 10 goals in 4 out of the 5 last games in the top division of a summer league. But, interestingly, I don't feel as if my team is pouring it on or is even really trying that hard. They've just played together a long time, make smart plays, and opportunities arise.

What I do hate is when a team is ahead and there's still a guy cherry picking. That's just trashy. It's one thing to play hard and get up on a team; it's another to be an a-hole out there and TRY to run up the score. In those cases that's when I, as a goalie, start looking to take out feet on breakaways.

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