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02-17-2004, 10:14 PM
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I'd like to think we'd be able to turn our luck around. But when a relatively untalented team loses confidence, and the goalie who has stolen so many games for them in the past is in a slump, that team's fans should panic. I'm panicked. I've said Buffalo is a 2nd half team all along. Even when they were 11th-12th in the East I warned you... And the Islanders aren't about to stop winning, either. The team is fragile. It always was, it's just now they're in a fragile position, too.

I want to stay positive. But even in games like this one, where the Habs come out strong, they still can't score... ON THE 2ND WORST DEFENCE IN THE LEAGUE!!!

The thing I hate about this type of game is that it's just frustrating to watch. When they're 3 goals down in front of the home crowd, they'd better do something, even with less than 5 minutes left. I don't care if it's a fight, a huge open-ice hit, a suicide pass, a guy breaking his stick in a fit of rage and fury and going after the referee!!! ANYTHING!!!!!! If you can't give us a win, give us a show!

Watching the dying minutes of a Habs' loss on TV gives me the urge to play hockey and pour my heart out on a rink... But alas, 'tis not that simple...

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