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07-21-2014, 05:19 AM
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I just signed up for my first ever league. I started skating about 4 months ago and recently participated in a 3 week learn to play program. After a short scrimmage in the program, I decided I'm really hooked onto hockey.

I'm definitely excited for the season to begin!

My forward skating is pretty decent I think for rookie level play. Backwards is doable, but I'm not sure about a game situation. I've been heavily working on transitions at the last few public skates. I can do the cheater method of dragging my blades, but I can't get my head around the mohawk step (or heel-to-heel) transition. I try to open up my hips, but I can only get my skates at a 90 degree angle, not a 180. If I try to commit to the turn, my leading skate turns before I can lift it off. My real problem is transferring my weight to the skate doing the 180 though.

My stick handling is crude, as I've only been to a handful of stick and puck sessions. Practicing at home has helped, but moving with the puck and not losing it is a different story.

In do time, I suppose.

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