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02-18-2004, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Mats NAslund
Ah the big baby can't take it when his dream boy has a few bad games and someone points it out. I'm a bigger hab fan then you'll ever be. I've had half season tickets for the last 5 years or so and I live in Ottawa. Further more I think your the troll who can't tell it like it is. I'm fan who see it and tells it the way it is regardless of who the player is. Just because you have wet dreams about Theodore you can't see that he makes alot of mistakes that has cost the team, especilly lately. He's no superstar he's an avg. goalie playing avg. hockey, he's no better then Roman Cechmanek!
Oh My God...Where to start....

1) Nobody refers to having wet dreams or Theodore being a "dream boy" more than yourself. That makes me think that you are extremely insecure about your own looks or you need to do some "soul-searching".

2) Oh, because having the money to buy tickets to games makes you a fan, and what the the hell does living in Ottawa have to do with anything, I live 45 min. outside of Ottawa, whoopty ****! Showing off that you "have half-season tickets" makes you no better than those guys that buy nice cars to prove how important they are, when we all know what it means when a guy buys an expensive car, to make up for his own "insecurities".

3) You contradicted yourself in the same damn paragraph, saying you "tell it like it is" then later on you compare Theodore to Cechmanek. An utterly ridiculous comment. Ask any poster on this board who they would rather have Cechmanek or Theodore.

4) Finally, it's funny how you don't say this bull**** when we are winning, but when we lose a few, here you come running, what a good fan you are. A true fan is one that will stick with the team through thick and thin.

It's a disgrace that your screenname is Mats NAslund, I suggest changing it to Don SWeeney, because you abviously aren't a true fan. Welcome to my ignore list.

edit:: I didn't notice your latest post, I may have overeacted. You were smart to backpedal.

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