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02-18-2004, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by JCProdigy
I think it goes both ways. The Devils benefited from having Bobby Holik and Holik benefitted from being on a team like the Devils. The Devils are a unique and interesting team because it seems like the last few years that they are the ultimate "TEAM". You can replace anybody with someone else and as long as they adhere to the system, they would be able to succeed. BUT Holik as been succeeding with the Devils before this was the case I believe. In other words not missing Holik last year seemed to be more of a credit to the Devs system and organization then a knock on Holik's ability.

To be honest with you, do you think the Devs could use a big bruising centerman at this point in time? I believe so.
Too true, the system IS what makes that team, and they could use a centerman like him.

Now that I think about it I guess where my mind was heading was that I don't think he's a 9 mil player and maybe the benefit of being on the Devil's raised his value to a much higher point than he is ACTUALLY worth. My opinion, not trying to say he wouldn't be worth 9 mil to some teams, but for that money it should change the complexion of the team for the better. It's also possible that Sather's inability is making Holik look like less than he's worth. So many variables.

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