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02-18-2004, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
Couldn't one safely say that the flyers fans who defend the team after horrible moves and terrible play may not in fact be the non-bandwagoners, but in fact are deluded? I've been a Flyers fan since 94 or 95, whenever Prism vanished and they started televising games on basic cable. I, and a lot of people who knew me during my prime of fandom, would never call me a bandwagoner... in fact, I used to defend the team just the way a lot of people here do. But I've become a realist. Sean Burke is not the answer, I won't use any excuse in his defense. The buffalo sabres sucked, yet Dominik Hasek was able to post amazing numbers, and carry the team on his back. Yet whenever Burke, Esche, Cechmanek, etc etc etc, would falter, the "faithful" would find some excuse to defend them, because it's always someone else's fault. I'd love to be sitting here, saying that Burke is great and he's our shot at the cup, or Esche or whoever the hell else... but the fact is, if I said it, I wouldn't believe it. Out of the three goalies, I like Niitty the best... but they won't even give him a shot. And if he fails too, so be it. But there comes a point where you have to stop blaming Therien, the D, the forwards. Good goalies are just good. I don't see it in Burke or Esche.
Realistically, Burke will do fine if the defense keeps the quality chances to a minimum as well as second shots. Realistically, Osgood isn't a great goalie yet still has a cup ring. Realistically, Brodeur and the Devil's haven't won every year, not even 2 in a row(I'm trying to say he's not a sure thing and the team needs to play well in front of him). Realistically, Giguere probably wouldn't get hot again this year. Realistically, the Flyers aren't as good without Primeau and JR. Realistically, nobody could have predicted the injuries. Realistically, a team in first in the East should beat an 8th seed in the playoffs. Realistically, the regular season doesn't mean anything when the playoffs start except for seeding. Realistically 29 teams are not going to get it done. Realistically, being negative is going to be right more often than being positive. Realistically, there's nothing wrong with hoping for the best.

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