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02-18-2004, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Firthbird
Just face it... We're stuck with a OK team.. and thats all....Face it...It sucks to be a Habs fan during this time of year...
What a fascinating attitude.

Personally, I love being a Hab fan at this time of year. I get to watch the team try to work out of their problems and see how things develop as the rest of the season moves along. I get to enjoy watching the youth grow and kids like Komisarek gradually work their way into a permanent full-time position with the big club, perhaps making more and more big plays as the year goes on. I get to enjoy the progress that Ryder continues to make - you know, the kid who was in the ECHL last year and had almost lost hope in making the NHL? I get to watch Theo struggle through the hard times and, in all likelyhood, find his game and then start bailing the Habs out again.

Mostly, I get to watch the Habs play hockey and either win games to make the playoffs, lose games to break hearts, or perhaps eventually, win games to knock others out of playoff positions or overall position. I like being a Hab fan at every time of the year - but I guess I'm not really choosy.

I knew before this season started that the Habs were going to probably be on the outside of the playoff picture looking in, and the fact that it's the opposite right now is a bonus to me. In fact, the only thing about this Hab season that's bothered me is from the fans aspect. It's such a shame that Montreal fans happen to include some of the worst fans in pro sports.

I've watched every minute of every game and will continue to do so until the season ends. Naturally watching losses isn't as great as wins, though I have to say there have been some wins that have been pathetic and some losses that have seen the boys playing excellent hockey. It's been a fascinating year and has shown some very, very positive glimpses of the future. Souray was quoted as saying he thought the Habs were much closer to the Cup than he'd previously thought earlier this year. I tend to agree. This team is in pretty excellent shape, as far as I'm concerned.

Sure, there are players that need to go and situations that need to be resolved, but we have a core of solid guys and a pile of youth that is the envy of hockey. As the year develops we're seeing more and more potential - if you know where to look. The fact that Gainey has kept the farm club together is just smart thinking, if you ask me. Get the kids to learn to win together and not develop that losing attitude...

I don't see us as 'stuck' with anything. What I see is a pile of potential under a few guys who need to be cleaned out and replaced - which will happen over time.


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