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Originally Posted by ChaoticOrange View Post
Wow, Oilnblood. Some pretty horrible things you're saying about a 20 year old that left his life to come to North America to play hockey in a strange city, then once he got drafted moved his entire family here. I heard a story about how Yakupov basically slept at Rexall his first 3 days in the city - arena staff couldn't get him to leave. Doesn't sound at all like what you're describing. Having met him a few times personally, I can say Yak is a humble kid that just loves the **** out of hockey. It's literally what he lives for. He then has to endure a season where nothing much goes right for him on the ice and he's seemingly the only one being held accountable. Sam Gagner comes back from injury and needs a roadmap in the D zone, Eberle turns the puck over 10 times in a game trying to dangle the blue line, but Dubnyk lets in a floater from the blue line from Yak's man and he gets benched. Certain media types like Rishaug then do their level best to cast him in the worst possible light while he answers questions as best he can in his 2nd language. When things finally start going better for him, he takes not one but two slap shots off the ankle that sideline him for the remainder of the season.

Sorry for my money I want a guy that is PISSED he is scratched. I don't want him to turn the other cheek and timidly take his press box seat. Why in the world would you want a player that is just fine and dandy not doing what he loves and not helping his team?
I want the winner attitude of being scratched..."what do i have to do coach". Team first. No pouting. Taylor shouldnt have to be yelling at Yak to learn where to be. Boyd Gordon, who isnt a vocal guy, shouldnt be trying to figure out how and why yak didnt do what he clearly told and signalled him to do and would have taken a minute effort to execute.

You might like the spoiled brat whos pissed. I prefer the guy who wants to fix his deficiencies and help the team rather than hurt it. I want the listener who understands this is a huge step from his peewee where peter sarno once won scoring titles. Someone who understands no one in the nhl cares what he did with kids in junior as they blew their noses on their sweaters and checked out rink bunnies.

I hope he gets it. Larionov represents more than just yak. Its not the agent.

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