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07-24-2014, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
I want the winner attitude of being scratched..."what do i have to do coach". Team first. No pouting. Taylor shouldnt have to be yelling at Yak to learn where to be. Boyd Gordon, who isnt a vocal guy, shouldnt be trying to figure out how and why yak didnt do what he clearly told and signalled him to do and would have taken a minute effort to execute.

You might like the spoiled brat whos pissed. I prefer the guy who wants to fix his deficiencies and help the team rather than hurt it. I want the listener who understands this is a huge step from his peewee where peter sarno once won scoring titles. Someone who understands no one in the nhl cares what he did with kids in junior as they blew their noses on their sweaters and checked out rink bunnies.

I hope he gets it. Larionov represents more than just yak. Its not the agent.
Again with the accusations. Pouting? Spoiled brat? I have no idea where you're getting any of this stuff aside from something you allegedly saw on the bench during what would amount to Yak's 60th or 70th NHL game. Clearly he should be perfect, it's not like guys like Monahan, Huberdeau, Barkov and Galchenyuk had a rough ride last year or anything. You must be one of the people misinterpereting what Yak said during one of his few media availabilities where a hack reporter like Rishaug or Jones wasnt jumping down his throat.

Doesnt want to learn or help his team? The same Yak that Eakins himself praised toward the end of the season for his tireless off-ice work, dedication and fitness? Sure sounds like a guy not willing to improve to me.

Taylor? The same guy that got so angry on the bench with how a game was going he got benched for soaking Eakins head and routinely gets lost in the defensive zone? He's an incredibly talented player but one of the smartest things the Oilers have done lately is not make him captain - he's too fiery, too passionate, and he needs to temper that to be a teacher. When do you learn best, when someone screams at you in a language you aren't fluent in when you make a mistake, or when someone sits you down and works with you with game tape to show you what you did wrong? Adding Ramsay and Thompson were fantastic moves and will pay huge dividends with the young guys this year.

Ultimately I think your disdain is ridiculous and unfounded.

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