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07-25-2014, 12:18 AM
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Reply to Insta from previous thread;

Originally Posted by Insta
If they rush and get by shaw just takes the safety....pretty simple stuff here.

Except Shaw is an idiot and that's putting it politely. This being a guy that saw 4 guys in his face and tried to kick the ball anyway. The right play there is to just eat it on your 25 and at least give your D a chance to get on the field and make a stop.

jebus there was no daylight there to get a punt away and he tried anyway. I have no faith whatsoever this doofus would have enough brains to eat a safety in the endzone even if told to do so.

Shaw shouldn't even be on this club which if tonight serves any purpose may expedite that. Theres simply nothing this guy is good at. Horrible placekicker, horrible punter, no brains.

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