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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
I dont see how he is disappointing, other than having issues sitting out games and not listening to vets like Boyd Gordon (witnessed many times with my own eyes, in two cases in my immediate memory he cost us goals by not even trying to do what Gordon had clearly signalled and communicated verbally pre-faceoff him to do).

The moments after those goals were telling. In fact in the washington game prior to his scratching... He proceeded to not do anything on a key draw where boyd told him to simply get ovechkins stick...ovechkin didnt move and neither did yak as he simply watched. Yaks response in the second period was to try to put his head down and beat the capitals himself, giving a turn over and odd man rush and a lot of angry faces and swearing on the bench. Both moments were momentum swings. I have never seen someone so unwilling to listen to a vet. Most teams would demote the player but this is a desperate late place piece of crap team that had only one healthy centre to start the year. For the record we dominated the first period and all momentum was sapped from yak and dubie. But i had become used to it from the fact we were eight games in to the season at that point.

I would like to see him turn a corner but ive seen what his personality involves in many games. Personality cant be changed...habits can. Hopefully he is selfish enough to want to achieve indivually to get his stock up and his name worth something. Right now its a big hazard sign.

As far as disappointing i agree with Eakins assessment to start the year when asked about rookies. He said its rediculous that people think they will get 82 games out of every rookie player. Most come from junior or college playing 40-60 reg season games under far less quality of competition. A rookie might only play 65 games and if so than that is what it is. If a player is getting it, he plays, if he doesnt get it...he doesnt play. Team first.

He has a good shot, but the iq and integrity is not there. Not sure if it ever will. Doubt it. Give him pp time and make him look good, get his stock up.
So much wrong with this post. First of all, I highly doubt the Gordon thing was Yakupov purposely ignoring him. How do you know Gordon told him to get Ovechkin's stick? Did you have a microphone recording their conversation? Chances are he was told to cover Ovechkin, and because Ovechkin wasn't moving, Yakupov didn't either. The kid just simply doesn't have a clue what to do defensively, and when the guy you're being asked to cover happens to be the best goal scorer of the 21st century, there's going to be problems. If it were Eberle or Gagner getting burned like that (as they were countless times last season), I don't think you'd just jump to that conclusion. Nothing changes about Yakupov being a mess in his own zone, that's something that certainly needs to be fixed. But to use this to suggest that he's ignoring veterans is ludicrous.

Also, Washington game prior to his scratching? What the ****? Nail Yakupov was scratched on October 12, October 14, and December 30. The game you're referring to with Ovechkin happened on October 24. You've literally made up facts to make it seem like Yakupov was scratched due to not being a team player/not listening to referees, when this can be debunked simply by searching up a couple boxscores. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have an agenda against Yakupov. You can't even deny it now, this is irrefutable evidence for your bias against him. You've actually created an alternative reality for yourself to consolidate your preconceived notion that Yakupov is some arrogant selfish Russian.

As for the turnover, would you rather Yakupov just skate to the bench lazily while showing no emotion after a turnover like Hemsky, Penner, Nilsson, and O'Sullivan used to? The kid knew he made a terrible play and was beating himself down over it. He was already frustrated due to a combination of the team losing, the coaching staff giving him such a short leash, being scratched not once, but twice less than a week ago, and most of all his own lack of production. He lacked confidence and was trying to do too much to get out of the funk, and it wasn't working out. And I don't know about you, but 19 year olds tend not to handle their emotions as well as 30 year olds. I'm sure the person most disappointed with Yakupov's play last season was Nail Yakupov. I'd much rather he show he cares about it than be a heartless loser like Hemsky or O'Sullivan and brush it off as if nothing happened.

What exactly did Yakupov do to not deserve to be on the team? Leading the team in goals the previous season? Not producing when put on lines featuring Boyd Gordon, Jesse Joensuu, and Luke Gazdic? Dallas Eakins is honestly... a lot like you. He went into training camp with a prejudice towards Yakupov that he just couldn't shake off. His 82 games comment is without a doubt targeted at Yakupov and we all know it. When the entire team started off atrocious defensively, he benched Yakupov and let other prime offenders like Eberle, Hemsky, and J Schultz go, because of good ol' confirmation bias.

This is me acting out the lead role Dallas Eakins in the Oscar winning comedy that is the Edmonton Oilers: Yakupov can't handle the swarm system? Must be because he's a lazy Russian. Definitely nothing wrong with my awesome system that I'm going to continue to employ for at least 20 more games regardless of whether it's working or not. The other hard working non-Russians will pick it up eventually, although I really shouldn't let Hemsky get burned anymore. Don't want to have my super duper awesomest favouritest player in the world looking bad do I n... ERR MAH GERRD! HEMZKY JUST GETZ A TAKEAWAY! MOAR ICE TIME! MOAR POWER PLAY TIME! HERE, CONTINUE HAVING THE FIRST LINE RW SPOT I HANDED YOU ON DAY 1 OF TRAINING CAMP! Okay, now time to have a press conference and tell everyone just how sucky Yakupov is, and say to the reporters that the rest of the team needs to be more like Ales Hemsky and we need to have a whole team of Ales Hemskys. <break: to those of you that never saw the interview, he literally said that, I kid you not. It's sometime in October 2013 on the Oilers video section I believe> There's no way the team would suddenly get more lazy, more irresponsible, more entitled, more sulking, give less effort, and be less concerned with fixing flaws in their game by emulating Hemsky right?

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