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07-25-2014, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
What adjustment? Obviously the Esks didn't have one as its still the first half and they had no confidence punting that ball away from the endzone.

This wasn't a standard block with one guy coming free. This was 4 guys clear and 7that got by the line. Which is obviously going to elicit major concern over several blown blocks on that play. Not one mistake in otherwords to weed out but several.

What do you think the chances are that Calgary blocks it in the endzone if they bring the stunt block again. I'd say next to automatic and especially with Shaw back there.
If Calgary is able to execute that play again to perfection then explanations are required. There were still better options than to gamble. If it was at midfield I wouldn't have had any qualms with it, but that deep in your own territory with a chance to give your rival more than enough time to execute a scoring play?

And that doesn't explain the countless runs on 2nd and long and a complete limpness of the offense again. And this wasn't a case where the opposition D was getting to Reilly on a consistent basis. The O-Line gave him far more protection than in any of the previous weeks.

Thank God for the defense otherwise this game might've been a blowout.

If that fake punt call is a one and done thing, then whatever. But if this is a consistent thing we're seeing it could cost us more down the road. It irritates me that we finally came up against a worthy opponent and basically hand the win to them. It was very reminiscent of last year's losses to the Stamps.

Oh and how about the call to go into the shotgun on 2nd and inches? Again not going with the safe play.

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