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07-25-2014, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I'm not sure I understand this point. I would say Calgary owned that play if we tried to punt it. Calgary already demonstrated what was going to happen if they decided to bring the stunt block out. Esks had no answer for it. It would be easy 6 and then people are questioning that.

People should remember this was still the first half. Calgary had already executed a perfect stunt block scheme that entirely undressed the Esks coverage. Being that its the same half Calgary would just do it again.

Blame the special teams coaching. It was the one side of the ball that wasn't prepared to play tonight and cost us all game and had us coming from behind all game.

I'll say this too. Miles was flat out pathetic in this game and should be seeing his walking papers by tomorrow. Single handedly cost us the game. Anybody explain how you let that ball drop without even touching it to give Calgary the early TD? Not even in the sun. Just plain tentative and scared to touch the ball. Tbh I wouldn't have faith in that guy playing another down for this club. He was beyond useless allnight on returns anyway.
My point was what was the bigger risk? If you're so scared you're going to get the punt blocked then why wouldn't you just take the safety? Running a fake from ten yards deep in the end zone is the worst possible option.

Even if the punt was blocked and Calgary recovered it, all people would be talking about was how poor execution on special teams cost this team a game and they'd be questioning why a safety wasn't given up. Just like they are now. Nobody would have been questioning the wisdom of the coach quite like they are now. Nobody would have been saying they should have gambled on third down and ten from their own six or that they should have run a fake. Nobody.

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