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Originally Posted by The Last Dynasty View Post
the offense was putrid and got worse in the 2nd half...its been bad all year and hasn't looked liked it's improved a lick

Calgary wasn't good either but Hufnagel took Jones to the woodshed tonight...completely outclassed him and outcoached him

hard lesson
Some of these comments are giving the Stamps no credit whatsoever. The stamps are an established veteran team with continuity on the field and in the coaching ranks.

As good as the Esks are you shouldn't be able to beat an established lineup like that with a completely brand new coaching staff, new schemes all over, and with new personnel.

We competed very well. We had several outstanding players in this game with Sewel, Grimes, Chambers again elevating. WE arguably were the better club both offensively and defensively (but abysmal on special teams which is what cost us the game)

WE played this game without Howard and Sherrit and gave the best team in the CFL all they could handle.

jebus I'm fine with this. It doesn't matter that we win or lose this game. We now know we can play with Calgary. Stamps would know they stole this one. Being in the mix with Calgary will become important in the labor day matches and the playoffs. Consider this to be the prelude that merely sets the stage.

hell I've seen Esks club blown away by Calgary for years. I'll take being competitive with them. I also like that it will make this Eskimo club have to dig down deeper.

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