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Originally Posted by vegas4ever View Post
As I stated in the other thread - Yak is a talent.

Yak had moments of brilliance. Yak had moments where he looked lost on the ice. Yak got frustrated when he wasn't able to produce at the level he was accustomed to.

Eakins is no genius. However, I agree with Yak sitting. Yak needed the opportunity to actually watch an NHL game with his team from above and see how the game is played. He was not prepared for the NHL when he started. Yak is not the first top pick to see pressbox time. It didn't hurt him. Yak has a desire to win which he demonstrated in his frustration.

Those that dump on Yak - give him a chance to develop. Those that are pissed that he was allegedly singled out - take a step back and realize that he needs to develop and that includes time watching the game from afar and understand how he needs to adjust to be successful.

And comparing his situation to Hemsky is laughable. You would be the only person that didn't realize the Oilers were pumping Hemsky up to ditch him at the end of the season.
Yeah I think everyone knows he still needs development time but that doesn't mean he should be singled out as the one solely responsible for the oilers suckage. Every player takes the blame and so does the swarm genius Eakins. Isn't hockey a team game?

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