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07-25-2014, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by The Last Dynasty View Post
the fake punt in their own endzone is indefensible...plain and simple...the risk/reward factor is too great and at worse should've given up 2 points

that was the game

very Reed-esque

the offense was putrid and got worse in the 2nd half...its been bad all year and hasn't looked liked it's improved a lick

Calgary wasn't good either but Hufnagel took Jones to the woodshed tonight...completely outclassed him and outcoached him

hard lesson
agree on all counts

- offence has looked terrible all year, and nothing changed last night
- until we fix our offence, we're in trouble, as our defence can only win so many games on their own
- special teams has been a nightmare all season, constant penalties and absolutely no return game whatsoever
- oline is still the worst in the league, and its not even close
- jones looked like a rank amateur last night, that call at the end of the first half was inexcusable

all that being said, we are still a much, much better team than last year... all you can ask for is improvement.... we better hope our defence continues to play this good all season though, as our offence isn't likely to win one single game for us

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