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Originally Posted by Ser Woof View Post
Replacement, curious to see the shellacking you'd be putting on Ray if he had a performance like Reilly had tonight. How come do you think he's unable to progress through two reads before getting happy feet and losing composure in the pocket? O-Line gave him plenty of time tonight. 60 yards in the second half? And half of that came on one throw. Ouch. Overthrows, underthrows, throwing into triple coverage, unable to pick up dropping LB's covering crossing seams. I'm really getting worried about the noticeable lack of ability to show any progression in reading a defense if he's not able to scramble and/or their coverage breaks down. 5 games in now and Reilly has yet to take command of this offense. Fred Stamps is being utilized just about as well as Chad Johnson is being utilized in Montreal... that is to say, not at all.

As for the they blocked it once, they'll block it again hypothesis... Sharun completely **** the bed on that blocked punt. Completely whiffed on his assignment. There is no reason why one players missed assignment would instil fear in a coach making a call to punt the ball when Calgary at no other time came close to getting near a Shaw boot.
Reilly played the best ball hawking team in the league last night and threw 1 interception. He completed some long throws and generated about as much offense as can be expected against the Stamps.

My take is Stubler is a great coach and given personnel like this to work with the Stamps D is a force to contend with. In case you didn't notice on the vast majority of plays Stamps weren't bringing the rush. They were dropping back creating an oddman situation for Reilly to throw into. Reilly was looking at a lot of coverage no matter where he was throwing the ball to there. you gotta also consider how quick the Stamps D are. Its crazy how fast they converge on where ball is thrown.

If you're a QB facing this monster you get a cold sweat out there. Reilly did enough to Win against the best facet of the Stamps team. if the special teams had held up their end of the bargain we win this game.

One more comment as well. As good as the Esks D played there were about 6 Mitchell balls that were fairly easy ints that were dropped. Mitchell had a horrible outing passing for just over 100yds and what could easily be multiple ints.

It was that kind of a day for QB's but Reilly was way better out there.

Gotta say though I love the West in the CFL. Got some great clubs and D's and games will be hard fought. We're getting a lot of value in the West and seeing great players. East is just garbage.

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