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07-25-2014, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
The stamps played an okay game and that was still enough to beat us. Not going to win against them when they get healthier.

Thank God we get next week off before our annual loss in Montreal.
C'mon. I know its storming and bleak out there today but whats with the pessimism about a good Eskimos team?

No way I can see this D losing a game to Montreals pop gun offense.

It would take another cluster**** of monumental gaffes by the special teams (an obvious area of work) for that to happen. But as stated I expect some changes on special teams and I'm really questioning that unit right now. I think the Shaw experiment should be over.

Jones inherited this mess with the worst kicking game in the league and no worthwhile return guys in the stable. That's a lot to overcome.
Shaw was again a fantastic disaster out there. No ability to kick to spots, was kicking to OMG WTF is he doing spots all day causing the covering tacklers no end of headache. Failed to get a punt out of bounds inside the 20 from 45yds out lolol. Got the block, Got little yds on the ball all day and was outkicked 5yds every kick.
About the only pleasant thing one can say is Shaw is handling both duties. Thank heavens we don't have 2 roster spots dedicated to this awful kicking game..

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