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07-25-2014, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
C'mon. I know its storming and bleak out there today but whats with the pessimism about a good Eskimos team?

No way I can see this D losing a game to Montreals pop gun offense.

It would take another cluster**** of monumental gaffes by the special teams (an obvious area of work) for that to happen. But as stated I expect some changes on special teams and I'm really questioning that unit right now. I think the Shaw experiment should be over.

Jones inherited this mess with the worst kicking game in the league and no worthwhile return guys in the stable. That's a lot to overcome.
I said I wasn't ready to believe in this team unless they beat the Stamps, and they didn't pass that test. And this was a Stamps team that was missing key pieces (Cornhole, as overrated as I think he is), couldn't find a lick of offense, and scored a paltry 10 points against a terrible Tiger-Cats team. This was a very winnable game and the Esks did everything in their power, from coach to QB, to ensure that the fans watching were disappointed.

Special teams obviously need work but there were many, many questionable coaching decisions. Let's put aside the fake punt for a minute. 2nd and inches and you drop back into the shotgun? Another case of taking an unnecessary risk for little reward. 2nd and 11, let's throw for 3 yards. I thought we were through with dink and dunk. A pointless holding penalty to wipe out a TD, and we didn't score a point on that drive. The no yards penalty hurt as well.

I've been wowed by this team exactly once this year, last week against Winnipeg, and without the wall of defense we have, even that game might've been closer.

Right off the hop the Esks weren't ready to play ball and it showed. Dropped balls, missed assignments, and just a farce on offense and special teams.

That display was so bad I longed for the Oilers. I declared the game over at half time and sure enough I was right. After the game was tied the Esks never even came close to threatening for points.

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