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Originally Posted by Tam O Shanter View Post
He looked like a tennis player, like McEnroe, Connors or Ivan Lendl. If he was 6'0, he couldn't have been over 160, there's no way, unless his bones were ultra-dense..... or maybe he was The Man with Two Brains after all.
Ya. Like the antithesis of how the vast majority of hockey players are built & develop. And of course because of that & the way he played expected to be absolutely cremated once he hit whatever next level pretty much from the time he left Brantford all through the 70's, even into the early 80's after joining the NHL along with the Oilers. Well, you cant hit what you cant corral or catch, step into. Guy was like a Ghost. Beyond elusive. Didnt look like he even belonged out there at times....

.... opposite end of the spectrum and sort of transverse, 2 Pack A Day Gump Worsley. Another total oddball. 5'7" but tipping the scales well over the 155 he's listed at in hockeydb etc. Like way over. I mean c'mon. This guy didnt have rolls under his neck he had loaves. Jowls that quivered like Santa's, like a bowl of Strawberry Jello for Gods Sake. Early in his career with New York & Montreal, looked like some Fatboy who'd broken into the arena, knocked out the real goalie & suited up himself as a sort of a Lark. One of the Dead End Kids with that brushcut of his. Yet is as the peculiarity of "large people", Worsley was not only an excellent & very strong skater he was incredibly agile. Like well beyond the norm. Fred Astaire like agility. Like a boxer. Two Tonne Tightrope Walker in a Pink Tutu 150' up in the Big Tent on a Hamster Sized Tricycle Tripping the Light Fantastic... HerewhatImsayin Tam? Ha?

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