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Originally Posted by Oscar Acosta View Post
As soon as Dallas Eakins stops being the worst coach in NHL history with Barry Melrose's comeback in Tampa - it'll be Nail Yakupov
Nail would have to reform his game entirely to be anything like Pavel. Post #40 looks at Yakupov's game.

The video in that post features all of his goals from the 2013 shortened season -- with Ralph Krueger behind the Oilers' bench. Very little about Yakupov's game resembles Bure's.
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Originally Posted by trexall View Post
stylistically the skating stance, build, I see a lot of similarities between Yakupov and Bure
I don't agree at all, actually. I've watched Yakupov very analytically over the past few seasons. Nail has a very low stance -- deep knee bend with a sort of a hunched look to it. He has quick feet; his top-end speed is quite average, though. He handles the puck very loosely, meaning he pushes the puck forward an entire stick's length, and as a result he struggles to handle the puck quickly because he's always reaching as far as he can just to hang on to it. His stickhandling technique I would describe as very loose.

Nail seems to be more of a north-south player. He stays on his side of the ice and generally dishes the puck or dumps it in as soon as he passes the offensive zone blueline. He does not usually carry the puck into the offensive zone. When he is in the offensive zone, he usually zips back and forth on his side of the ice, but stays on that side for the most part. There is not much variety or creativity to his game at all. Prior to the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, I had heard of the comparisons, but after watching him on many occasions I've realized it was only ever because he wore the #10, was Russian, and had some scoring abilities.

Here are all of his goals from the 2013 season. Nearly all of them were scored from the exact same spot with Yakupov parked at the goalmouth on the right side or from a little further out for one-timers. There is no variety to his game; he plays almost exclusively on the right side. With the puck on his stick, Nail rarely make anything happen either. Most of the time he just stickhandles into traffic with the puck too far out of reach.

Patrick Kane is about 100x closer to resembling Bure than Yakupov is. Kane may even be a faster skater than Nail, he is certainly more agile, and his ability to handle the puck quickly, maneuver all over the ice, carry the puck in with ease, and play a generally very creative game make him so much more like Bure than anybody else I've seen in the current NHL.
I suppose we can establish that the two are very different by making just one other observation: does Nail Yakupov even generate breakaways? I haven't seen him generate any breakaways for himself.

Has he scored a single breakaway goal in two years as an NHL player? Not even one. One of Pavel's signatures is his ability to generate breakaways with his speed.

Here are Nail's 2013-14 goals:

He relies almost solely on his wrist shot and one-timer to score. Some of his goals are the result of rebounds, some are one-timers from the right side, and a few goals result from wrist shots.

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