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Originally Posted by CHGoalie27 View Post
Since 2000, Erik Johnson would be the only one who wasn't NHL ready by whoever's decision. Does it matter how I did or didn't attempt to clarify* what I said? He wanted to go to school* Management might have deemed him not ready, still doesn't mean he surely couldn't have handled the job. Stupid side argument for you to dwell on, really.

DP and Fleury were oh most definitely ready, their teams sucked. Stamkos was ready, bad coaching. Mentioning them holds no water.

My statement is not "unequivocally" wrong lol. In this millennium, there has been ONE team that hasn't picked someone ready for opening night. >NOT SEVERAL, NOT EVEN TWO< Also, just so you know, several doesn't equal…TWO. Again, mentioning guys that were in fact ready doesn't deem what you said to be valid.

I stick by my original statement and you've only backed it by pointing out the last 7 years of NHL ready (forwards) being picked. No it's not a coincidence, but I would think if Tallon wants playoffs NOW, I'm almost certain he wouldn't pick someone he was sure he couldn't use right away. Dman or not, and thankfully this Dman seems ready.
you might want to get your facts straight, since Marc-Andre Fleury didn't play in the nhl as an 18 year old.

and if you think DiPietro was actually ready at 18, you clearly didn't watch hockey back then.

as has been mentioned before, just because someone played in the nhl at 18 doesn't mean they were ready for it.

i've listed several examples, if you choose to not accept them due to your own stubbornness is not my problem.

like i said. you're just blatantly, unequivocally wrong. we can move on now.

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