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07-27-2014, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
thinking about the ridiculous gap between the west and eastern conference in the NBA, and how the best player in the game (lebron obviously) plays in the east-- with speculation that playing in the easier east was an intentional choice for him, so he has a clear shot at the finals every year-- it's interesting to wonder what conclusions or hypotheses we can make about crosby and malkin and their careers in the weaker east.

i think by most objective measures, those are the two most talented, and "best," players in the world when healthy. but as generational/quasi-generational players, they also face significantly less travel, less physically demanding competitions, etc. than your getzlafs and kopitars slugging it out in the west (and to a lesser degree, toews, whose travel isn't that bad but whose competition in the playoffs included head-to-head matchups against MVPs like thornton and sedin, and two-way beasts like kopitar and zetterberg). these advantages have to be taken into account when talking about crosby and malkin's relative playoff shortcomings, right? in the east, it's pretty smooth sailing until you hit boston/bergeron, and the pens haven't even always gotten that far.
Oh please. The West is not significantly superior to the East. Crosby has the same career PPG against the West as the East. The inferiority complex is worrisome.

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