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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
The point isnt whether he was deserving or not. The point is that Sather has habitually played hardball with the homegrown players. While he deserves credit for being consistent and not playing favorites, the truth is he is not loyal. These kids arent asking for the stars at a young age. But when you throw contracts to goons like Rupp and Brashear and Glass and useless lazy vets like Frolov and Kotalik and Redden while squeezing your younger guys, it creates animosity.

Sather didnt go with kids because he wanted to. He went with kids because he had to. Sather is the last remaining executive from the Wirtz/Ballard was of thinking. He's not liked or respected around the league, and if you think there's an anti-Rangers attitude from the media, you can thank Dolan and Sather for the vanilla coverage the team gets outside of Brooks. Everybody else hates him.
Honestly, that's what I want my GM to do. I agree with you that it looks bad because he throws money at UFA's but he's got all the leverage in RFA situations. If he was tighter with UFAs it wouldn't be a problem. He's not because he doesn't have a lot of leverage. I think it's working well. How many home grown guys bolt? The recent ones I can think of all got traded: Cally, Dubi, AA, Del Zotto.

I think Sather has been good at not overpaying just because guys have grown up in our system. You could just as easily argue the other way and say they should take a discount because our system helped make them the player they are today. If players get ******** because of 200K why would you want them anyway. You really think MZA is angry at Sather because he signed a deal for 3.5 million dollars?

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