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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
the first hypothesis: yeah, maybe. MAF has had his moments, but obviously the wings and stars were tougher than any team he's beaten in his career.

the second one: i don't know about that. in 96, forsberg would still be on an ELC. in '01, i think hejduk and tanguay are still on their ELCs and drury too (though i think he mostly played center). and it's not like the avs were stacked with ringers on the wing, not in the years they won, anyway. claude lemieux would be the big money guy in '96, but young and kamensky wouldn't have broken the bank with forsberg still cheap.
Yeah, fair points — a salary cap wouldn't have affected them much in 1996 at all.

I was thinking more of the late '90s/early 2000s. The Avs had the 3rd-highest payroll in 2001 (behind Detroit and of course the New York Rangers), so a cap might've hurt their depth a bit there. Though, on the flip side, it would've knocked down their big rivals Detroit and Dallas a peg as well. And Forsberg wouldn't have been able to make $11 million per year or whatever it was. So I guess it's not so clear how this would all shake out.

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