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Originally Posted by Dissonance View Post
Yeah, fair points a salary cap wouldn't have affected them much in 1996 at all.

I was thinking more of the late '90s/early 2000s. The Avs had the 3rd-highest payroll in 2001 (behind Detroit and of course the New York Rangers), so a cap might've hurt their depth a bit there. Though, on the flip side, it would've knocked down their big rivals Detroit and Dallas a peg as well. And Forsberg wouldn't have been able to make $11 million per year or whatever it was. So I guess it's not so clear how this would all shake out.
i think you're absolutely right that the avs wouldn't have been able to keep together a team with sakic, forsberg, roy, and foote for as long as they did with the salary cap. and they certainly wouldn't have been able to add bourque and/or blake. but whatever those hypothetical avs would have lost in a cap era, it wouldn't have been on the wings; that was the position they tended to skimp on... just like today's penguins. the wingers with the third and fourth highest icetime when they won the cup in 2001: shjon podein and ville nieminen (not counting drury, who replaced forsberg at center).

sakic/forsberg had a much much much better goalie than crosby/malkin do. but in terms of depth elsewhere in the lineup, i think it's not that far off. both teams were generally top heavy, and especially center-heavy.

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