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1913 Bandy Championships and Newspapers

Researched Davos - took all of two minutes:

the Hockey rink was built in 1926 per the link above. Reference is made to an earlier skating rink but it is not dated.

So the key question is whether in 1913 there was a facility in Davos Switzerland that could host a Bandy Championship of any kind.

Newspapers are rather interesting from a research standpoint. Example, most use the Montréal Gazette as the main or only source for 19th and early 20th century Ice Hockey history in Montréal or the province of Québec. Yet the Gazette was third in terms of importance in the English community - behind the Montreal Star/Montreal Daily Star and the Montreal Herald.The Star and Herald also had the better sports journalists and made a better use of pictures or illustrations.

When the French newspapers are factored in The Gazette would drop to app 8th-10th in terms of popularity for the same time frame.

Sadly the Montréal Gazette has become the main source on this boards because it is the only English paper available via Google and no one seems interested in the French papers.

Reading the The Montréal Star and Herald coverage of hockey does provide a clearer, perhaps diffrent picture of ice hockey in the late 19th century, early 20th century.

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