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07-30-2014, 01:19 PM
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This thread seems partially a bit off-topic by now.

Anyway, some points...

1. Yes, Forsberg is to an extent a bit romanticized. He wasn't as good defensively as some claim him to be. He also wasn't a very dangerous goal scorer, although he did improve his goal scoring during playoffs.

2. It's difficult to judge which one of Sakic and Forsberg was the best. Sakic had his dangerous wrist shot, and he too had a great overall game.

3. Lots of stats in this thread. But please understand that there needs to be significative differences in - for example - point production for it to be significative. It doesn't really matter if a player scores 5-10 points more than another per season, or 0.1 points per game more. This is because:
a) different players have different roles, i.e. are used differently.
b) different players are differently benefited by which teammates they play with
c) scoring points is not everything. There are (usually) 5 skaters on the ice for a team, and while the point definitely creates offense that matters (i.e. goals for), the players who do not score on a goal for may have contributed in other ways.

4. As some say, Forsberg at his peak (around 2003) might have been the best player. But overall during his career there are some equally good forwards. (And Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky obvously being better during their peak than Forsberg during his.)

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