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Originally Posted by daver View Post
Who Crosby? If he has then his career playoff PPG will decrease but that won't change the fact that his playoff peak was higher than Jagr's. Just like Jagr's regular season peak is higher thru 9 seasons.
Things are a lot more imbalanced in the playoffs: the number of games (or opportunity to play at all) is highly dependent on the quality of one's own team... the schedule is imbalanced... etc.

Saying Crosby's playoff peak is higher is your way of saying "Crosby was fortunate to be on a very good team where he also got plenty of playing time, including PP time." There was nothing in Crosby's performance in '08 or '09 that suggests to me that he was better than Jagr was throughout his prime in the playoffs.

I watched them play in the '08 playoffs, and Jagr was by far the best forward in that series, despite being on the much worse team and being 36 y/o. In '12, Jagr at age 40 may still have had as much net positive impact on the series as Crosby. Most who watched that series would remember Jagr's key assist where he was fending off a defender with one arm and keeping control of the puck with the other... while the entire Pens' team is just standing there agape, wondering what the 40 y/o is going to do and what they should try to do to stop him.

Jagr always had a knack for showing up when the chips were down and commanded the respect of opponents in a way that Crosby has only glimpsed for fleeting moments.

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