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04-09-2007, 11:03 PM
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I aslo cant believe the fact that they cant figure out event scheduling and telecast times. They knew well in advance that all 3 teams COULD make it, so why not put a few plans together to get a jump start on the process so the confusion and uncertainty wouldnt happen.

The countless times ive called cablevision ive gotten 3 different reps who always had 3 different answers. They really have to get on the same page with this stuff. Its not brain science for chrissakes. Get a truck down there for crying out loud, tap into a feed. I dont understand...

Also on a side note:

If i remember correctly, the camera position and camerman from MSG (or wherever, how could you know) that did the away games in Atlanta this season, was absolutely ATROCIOUS. He zoomed in way too much, cut off the play and would lose the puck on a shift to shift basis. I'm pretty sure it was in Atlanta, i remember many people complaining about it too in the GDT.

Someone please tell me im wrong on this. It could have been Florida or Tampa.

If we have to watch half of the first round with this guy PLUS non-HD its gonna be a ****-fit-fest in here

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