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Originally Posted by unknown33 View Post
Opinions on Reg Noble and Punch Broadbent?
Reg Noble is in the 50s on my list, but I have no real justification, other than wanting him to be somewhere on my list so we can do mroe research on him in Round 2 to decide if he actually belongs.

I have read enough papers from the era to know that he was considered one of the top players. For example, Aurel Joliat "picked an all star team (at the request of W.A. Howard, a writer for Canadian National Magazine) confined to players who played against him during his 16 years as a professional. He puts Benedict or Gardiner in goal; Shore and Noble on defense; Nighbor at centre; with Cook and Jackson on the wings. It's a well balanced unit." (Montreal Gazette 2/13/1954). Noble spent a fair portion of his career at D, but more of at LW so he is considered a LW for the purposes of this project.

On the other hand, I have no real knowledge as to WHY Noble was thought of so highly. So I basically threw him on my list in the 50s, so he'll be available to research in more depth in Round 2. Basically, I see a solid prima facie case for Noble that I think is worth getting him into Round 2 discussion, where we can look at him in more depth to see if the case really holds up

Remember, the point of Round 1 lists isn't to be 100% accurate, it's to ensure that the proper names come up at reasonable times for discussion in Round 2, which is when the votes really matter.


Punch Broadbent = Corey Perry (meaning one year wonder offensively but with a few more pretty good but non elite seasons thrown in) with better defense and more physicality? Or am I totally off?

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