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02-18-2004, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!

A missed hook is spearing. *snorts*

I loved King Ribs' reaction in the dressing room as he was caught laughing at the reporters' questions. Interesting that after an incident such as that where everyone and his dog is thinking the world is coming down and the entire media brigade is surrounding him wondering how vital the incident it that he would have the temerity to laugh. Great team guy. Good classy fellow. Put your hat on straight, sit your skinny butt down and be a professional, King.

And the reporter who said "La capitaine, je vais le repeter, le capitaine...blah blah.' What, the capitaine tried to hook Ribs? Is the King too weak to take it? Criminy, is there any wonder why Langdon took Ribs away from the situation with a sloid glove to the head?

After watching this, Ribs needs to go. He's a punk, pure and simple and something that this team doesn't need going forward. He's the kind of player I hate in any sport everywhere. The "I'm bettre than you and you'd better see it" kind of player.

*laughs* And someone said Koivu hit him over the head...and viciously? Riiiiiight. Like that was any more vicious than any scrum during any game. Feel that hot air? That's the King worshippers blowing things out of proportion.

You're my new favourite poster. EXACTLY how I feel. Ribs is nothing but a punk with too much money

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