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02-18-2004, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by xtra
if the Sabres accuired Kovalev and wanted to deal Satan i could possibly see a 3 way deal going down with the Nucks Rangers and Sabres....

To NYR: King + buf 2nd

To Van: Miroslav satan + 2 mil per year of satans contract (paid by rangers)

To BUF: Alexi Kovalev + Tomas mojzis/Krill Kolstov + van 2nd 2005/Umberger

or somethign like that i don't know about the values but i figure that Kovalev is worth about the same as bondra (cause of his salary). Satan is worth a good prospect and pick (plus the rental value of kovalev). and Umberger + kolstov + king is close to the value of Satan.

i see it that way but it could also be seen as that the rangers give up a good player and money for a prospect and pick. While the Sabres could be making out the best. and that van is either ripping of both teams or getting equal value.
If we have to give up Koltsov, King and a 2nd for a scoring RWer, I pass. I would MUCH rather trade a 3rd for Barnaby, a 4th for Sillinger and a pick for Boughner, and go into the playoffs like that, while not increasing our payroll much, and maintaining flexibility in the offseason.


is far greater, IMO, than


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