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07-31-2014, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by JDinkalage Morgoone View Post
I think there will be a media circus around Sam for maybe the first 2-3 weeks and then it will die down. I know it is a huge step in the right direction by Sam coming out and finding a home, I just wish the media wasn't harping on it to the point where it seems like they are shoving it down everyone's throats. Let Sam do things on his own terms.
I honestly think he'll have a tough time cracking their 53 man out of camp. He's a fringe talent with really no true position to play in the NFL which some times gets lost in translation when discussing the possibility of Sam not making a roster. If he does indeed make the team & plays for multiple seasons in this league than that's a good success story for Sam.

As for your other point above about Ray Rice unfortunately people whether it be fans, teammates, organization members, league officials, etc. are a lot more accepting when you're a top talent in this league.

For whatever reasons people like to pile on guys like Sam or Tebow for being gay or being a devout Christian. Yeah they're not really good NFL talents & carry a lot of unwarranted hype thanks to the media but they're not hurting anyone with what they do in the personal lives unlike some other players in the league.

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