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02-18-2004, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
5 Goals is 5 goals is 5 goals. Granted, if I were to look at the tampa game, I see over 30 shots fired on net and could maybe agree, to an extent, that maybe the defense hung him out... but there were 20 shots by the sharks... 5 goals on 20 shots is pathetic... read my lips PATHETIC. And the fact is, when you have to say after a game "well, all them weren't his fault, but there's probably two he'd like to have back" that's not good. I don't want to go into the playoffs with a goalie that gives up goals that he'd "like to have back." If I was content with that, I'd clone Hackett. All I ask for is a goalie that can make the saves he's supposed to, and a few he's NOT supposed to, that way I can be happy (although not happy-happy) blaming the team around him. He hasn't shown me anything to make me have faith in him. Two, back to back, 5 goal performances (or lack there of) isn't something to be happy about... especially when a guy I'd like to see get playing time is benched in favor of him. And I DO NOT want to hear the age old because that's generalizing, and if it's fact, then we might as well suit up some piss-stenched homeless guy and put him between the pipes if it doesn't matter how the goalie playe.
I don't think "no matter who is in net, he would have given up those goals". I think they might have let up different ones, maybe more maybe less. The Flyers scored 2, never put Tampa or San Jose on their heels, made rediculous decisions coming out of their zone, or trying to, and missed assignments. I also think that Tampa and San Jose were voracious around the puck and the Flyers weren't. They've gotten plenty of W's when they were and I expect they can do it again.

Like you said, "If I watched the game" try it out. You were silent when he won and now you jump all over him. Explain how Hackett started off so strong. Explain how Niitymaki didn't face nearly the same kind of quality chances and yet proved to you he's better, or even capable, against a quality team that is playing well. He hasn't faced any yet. The Devils lost to the Rangers for Christ sake! Washington? Atlanta? Their most skilled offensive player was benched half the game. I'm sure it became a distraction if it wasn't before that.

Blame Burke for whatever you want, but don't think the 20, I repeat 20, other players didn't have a hand in every loss and every win. You'd be kidding yourself and you claim to be a realist.

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