Thread: News Article: Edmonton Oilers: Wait and See at 2C
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08-01-2014, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Positive View Post
This is totally false. There are outside bloggers who have used facts that prove that Arcobello did a great job as a top six center last season. There are many average fans that acknowledge that Arcobello isn't ideal but also that he's deserved another shot because of his solid grity two way game last season.

It seems 90% of this board thinks Arcobello is a career AHLer, and ignore all the good things he did. They only remember how he looked when he was playing with Gazdic

Calling somebody out on falsehood and then responding with the same?

I suggest your definition of facts and proof needs reworking. Or anybody else stating such limited game sample as facts or proof. Statistically the sample is insufficient to be able to make statistically valid conclusion. That is the fact. At this point there is no other.

Whether Arco sinks or swims as a topsix NHLer is unknown. I sure wouldn't bank on him being one.

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